Our Minds Presents: Kliment (Zenon Records) Live at Club Reset

Our Minds Presents: Kliment (Zenon Records) Live at Club Reset

  • Location:71 Loop Street
  • Venue:Reset
  • Length:09:00 pm – 04:00 am

Please Feel Free to Join us for an evening of some of the most cutting edge and absolutely mind melting sound design from some of the best Psygressive \ Dark Prog and Tekno producers in the world today.




Our International headlining act is one of our personal favourite artists of all time and it is an absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to host him here in Cape Town on the top notch Function One sound system at Club Reset. Kliment emanates music with a deep dark atmosphere and solid groove, sounds who lift up the crowd into an emotional journey on the dance floor…

Signed to Zenon records, Electrick dream and Blue hour sounds. Also known as Once upon a time and Kliment chill out.

Links to his Tunes :

*************PSYDEWISE (Our Minds Music):****************

Psychedelic music from South African born mc/producer. Originally a underground Hip hop producer/mc returning to his family roots in psychedelic culture and music. Representing the sound and style in many country’s under different lable’s such as Padang, Insonitus, Zenon Records, Occulta Records , Purple Hexagon and Pistolero Recordings.

Links to his music:

************KABI (Zenon Rec \ Our Minds Music):*************

This is the slightly slower project by Tersius … influences- forest, the groove and nature. Phat grooves with foresty leads and tribal percussion.

links to his music:


***************ABRA (OUR MINDS MUSIC) : ********************

Abra is the Dark / Forest Prog /psygressive live act of Regardt van Zyl, he started his musical creation journey at the age of 16 when he started to play guitar, mainly influenced by rock/metal/blues and classical music.He started producing electronic music at the age of 26 and rapidly developed a melodic / story telling sound. Abra* strives to transport the individuals imaginations to far away mysterious realms of myth and magick and tries to tell untold tales of old and forgotten times when these themes were a normal part of human life.

Links to his music:


******COVER CHARGE******

R60 before 22:00
R80 after 22:00