Zodiac – APRIL Ft: Schrittmacher (Ger)

Zodiac – APRIL Ft: Schrittmacher (Ger)

  • Location:71 Loop Street
  • Venue:Reset
  • Length:09:00 pm – 04:00 am


“And we are BACK with our next INTERNATIONAL ACT from Germany”

Written in the stars for our third event of 2019 under the tropical Zodiac, the Sun transits this sign from approximately March 20 to April 21 each year, the 1st astrological sign in the Zodiac to guide us on our musical journey.

All our Zodicians bring a unique skill set and personality across; combined, this event will be a starry-eyed journey into the depths of our consciousness, drawing on the elements of inner strength, passion, independence, originality, and trailblazing for the month of April.


The musical journey of Rouven as a deejay began in 1996 with hardtrance and the name “Pacemaker”.

Until 2008 he was deejaying in countless clubs in northern Germany and even two times in the bunker of Tunnel at Nature One Festival, before he switched his style from hardstyle/hardcore to trance. From this moment he used the german translation of his dj name “Schrittmacher”.

2012 he was at a progressive/psytrance festival for the first time and got infected by that style at once. From 2014 till 2017 and together with DJ Syncron he has been in charge for all activities of worldwide tribe events which means countless events like, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus, Goa Nation and Infinity for example.

Since 2017 he is responsible for all psytrance and progressive trance bookings of ME-Events, who is producer of Airbeat One, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus & many more, and he joined Iono Music.

He was able to present his dj sets full of energy to the audiences for example at: Antaris, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus, Airbeat One, Sonica, Bachblyten, Hexentanz Festival, Goa Nation, Infinity, Spirit of Moksha, Snowbeat, Weltensprung, Holographic Universe, Electric Sea Festival, Elements, Bionic Cycle, Question of Time & many more!



************ LINE – UP ************


DAN SCOT (Nexus Media)
Michael / Cera
Plastic Vision (Kaos Krew Records)


Schrittmacher (Iono-Music)
Tune Raider (United Beats Records)
Rubix Qube (Spectral Records)
Cosmic Apocalypse (Kaos Krew Records)

************ ENTRANCE ************

R120 B4 12am R150 after

******** DRINK SPECIALS ********



Table Bookings: R1 250 (Limited) – Valued at R2 000
To book contact: info@reset.co.za
Tables Includes:
4 x Entrance
1 x Table in Groove Bar
1 x Bottle (Olmeca or Absolut or Jameson)
8 x Mixers or Jug of Fresh Juice or 6 Red Bulls
* Table Booking must be seated between 22H30 to 23H00
* Table bookings & bottle service available: info@reset.co.za
* Guest lists close at 11pm
* Late guest lists will need to have special arrangements with Reset management.
* We pride in our service and will always do it with a smile 🙂

Head over to our fan page to enter our competition where you stand a chance in winning 4 VIP tickets + a bottle of Olmeca Tequila + 2 tickets to our February event.

As one of our primary visions for Zodiac, we want it to be an affordable experience for all, and would love to invite everyone who celebrates their birthday in the period of any of our events (ARIES for this event), to gain free entry, however, as the venue has a limited capacity, we have decided that the first 50 people to like and share in our vision for each event, will gain entry through a birthday guest list.


email: zodiacproductionsza@gmail.com
Artwork by: Keenan Myburgh
Photography: Media Worx
Decor: Jeffery Marsh

************ GOLDEN RULES ************

Report any suspicious behavior immediately to security officials, they are there to create a safe environment for you and fellow patrons.

Do not under any circumstances leave any valuables or drinks unattended, and do not accept drinks in open containers or glasses. For safekeeping of any of your valuables, the venue has a safe place for storage. No caps are allowed, just a heads up! ☺

STRICTLY: No Under 18’s (ID upon request), illegal substances or weapons. Right of admission reserved. Participation in the event is entirely at own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings, even in the case of negligence. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure.